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Do pull-ups easily from home – without drilling or screwing!

You don’t have to drill the rod. You can simplyhangit in the door frame. The handles are made of pleasant fabric. Just stash them back in the corner after your workout.

A pull-up bar is the most important piece of fitness equipment for home workouts. Only with it can you perform pull-ups and thus create a proper home back workout. I built my back up mostly with pull-ups. Exactly on this pull-up bar I offer here I also train my pull-ups.

Color: Green Mamba ( green / black )
Dimensions: 100 x 27 x 3.5 cm;
Weight: 3.95 kilogram
Maximum load: 130kg kilogram

You need to measure your door frame first to see if it will fit. Your door must have the following dimensions:

Door frame depth: 12 – 21 cm
Inner door frame distance: 70 – 92 cm
Door width: Up to 92 cm
Top door frame: Up to 9 cm
Upper door frame back: At least 1.5 cm

See also the picture where the dimensions are explained again.

Shipping is currently only to Germany.

It will be shipped within 3 working days
Shipping is free of charge