We want to create a certain look. Look in the mirror. Imagine how you always wanted to look. That’s what we’re about to achieve. Your own idea of Adonis.


Broad shoulders, prominent pecs, six pack, athleticism. That’s what I want you to see in the reflection.


I’ve been doing sports all my life and I am working as a full time personal trainer for 6 years. I know how you need to be trained!


My fitness programs and coaching are designed to be practical. Not a long theory. All you have to do is apply.

Fitness equipment

For home workouts, you need the right equipment. In the shop is exactly the fitness gear with which I also use to iron my muscles.

Fitness Programs & Coaching

The Achilles Home Bodyweight Program and the Adonis Gym Warrior Program. Both will take you to your Adonis body. I have optimized the programs for practical use. If you want even more coaching, I’m here to help you with my advice as a coach.

Training plans & nutrition plans

Here you get individual plans from me. In 6 years as a full time personal trainer I have created workout and nutrition plans for many clients. Soon also for you !?!

Fitness equipment

For real muscles, you need the right equipment. I only offer equipment that I train with myself. Now in the shop: pull-up bars and push-up grips in the Green Mamba color.