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I present to you the ultimate ADONIS GYM WARRIOR fitness program. It is based on my own training for 15 years and my experience as a personal trainer for 6 years. The training plans are tested and work.

I’ll show you exactly what to do. You just have to follow, my warrior. I want you to look like a true Adonis. Aesthetic muscle mass and strength.

Under an Adonis body I imagine a Greek statue. Something people turn there heads to look. Anyway, people look around for me when I walk through the streets in a tank top 😛 Adonis is supposed to be admired by menand loved by women.

Adonis body:

-Armored chest
-Round shoulders
-Thick Arms
-Cut face

I put a little theory and a lot of practice into the program. Ok, you need to understand some theory, but then we’ll get right to it! You can choose how often you work out, I’ll tell you how to work out. You have the choice between 2-4 times training per week. The most important and best exercises and training systems are included. I want you to build true strength and aesthetics!

In addition there are still most important assistance exercises. You get a new training plan every 4 weeks. A cycle lasts 12 weeks. Of course, everything you need to know about nutrition is also included. Whether it’s a mass phase or a definition phase.

You should of course be physically healthy for an intensive training. This is not medical advice. If in doubt, see a doctor. The program is basically suitable for anyone who wants to build a better body.

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