Welcome, my Achilles warrior!

With this effective fitness program we are walking in the footsteps of Achilles. You shall get stronger and more athletic. We use the most important and best bodyweight exercises for this. Many people think that you can only build muscles with barbells and weights. But that’s not true. The body cannot distinguish between dumbbells and body weight. He only understands intensity!

And by the holy Zeus, we will train intensively. I have developed a progression system for this. You start at your current level and increase yourself to always set new stimuli. Starting with normal push-ups to the jaw-dropping one-arm push-ups. For impressing ordinary people and for a strong triceps, chest and shoulders. And that’s just an example.

I will give you 3 choices. You can decide whether you have 2/week, 3/week or even 4/week for your training. You can make great progress with each option I designed the program to be as effective as possible.


Also check out the nutrition chapter. I’ll show you how you can support your training with nutrition, whether you want to build muscle or lose fat. Bodyweight training is excellent for cutting, but of course you can also use it to build muscle mass.

We will train the whole body. I want you to get what I call the Adonis look. Voluminous chest, thick arms, round shoulders, broad back and a six-pack. These things give you the V shape that women love so much. Being shredded is the key. Only through muscle definition you will change from a rough block to a statue made by Davinci. Let’s combine aesthetics and athleticism!