Full body workout

In phase 3 we increase the volume even more, you now have 7 exercises per training day. Olympia is approaching…

Day 1 is almost exactly like Phase 1 for the first 4 exercises, so you can compare your progress and status. This time, however, there are two arm exercises to follow. You can use more volume now and your arms should stretch the shirt like Legolas stretched the bow. And then the L-Sit to make it good enough to show off.

Day 2 starts off equally heavy with the one-arm pull-up progression. Very intense for lat and biceps. Then, with shaking arms, do the handstand push-ups for the melon shoulders. The hanstring scale enables strength and balance training at the same time. Squats complete the leg workout. With side raises and bent-over side raises, we’re shaping your shoulder to be even rounder, even more melon-like. Then the wipers.

Day one:

1. Squat progression: 3×6-8
2. Hip thrusts progression: 3×10-12
3. Pullups progression: 3×4-8
4. Pushups progression: 3×6-10
5. Biceps curls: 2×8-12
6. Triceps variant: 2×8-12
7. L-Sit Progression: 2×5-20 sec

Day two:

1. Oonearm pullups progression: 3×4-8
2. Handstand pushup progression: 3×4-8
3. Hamstring scale: 3×10-15
4. Squats: 3×30-50
5. Lateral raises: 3×10
6. Bent over lateral raise: 2×10
7. Wiper: 3×8-12