Full body workout

In the second cycle we add one more exercise per training day, so the volume is increased. 

On day 1, two push exercises are performed one after the other. First your front chain is formed with pushups and then handstand pushups after that. Attack! After that specifically chinups in the underhand grip, my favorite chinup variation. 

Squat jumps increase your athleticism for the next olympic games. Plus curls for the Gurls and L-Sit progression. Compare yourself from the progressions to the first week, you have certainly already increased!

Day 2 starts right off with the infamous Bulgarian Split Squats. Feel free to add weight if you have any. After that squat progression will give your legs the rest…. Pullups in progression followed by the cool and effective spiderman pushups. Then dips bring the extra effect and then the wiper for the lateral abs.

Day one:

1. Pushups progression: 3×4-6
2. Handstand pushups progression: 3×6-8
3. Pullups underhand grip: 3×8-12
4. Squat jumps: 3×15-20
5. Biceps curls: 3×8-12
6. L-Sit progression: 2×5-15 sec

Day two:

1. Bulgarian Split Squats: 3×8-12
2. Squat Progression: 3×6-10
3. Pullups progression: 3×6-10
4. Spiderman pushups: 3×6-12
5. Dips: 3×8-12
6. Wiper: 2×12