Full body workout

With 2 training days per week, we definitely want to train full body. Your body should get a growth stimulus 2/week. Only the tough ones get into the Olympic Garden. Optimal would be 3-4 days break between the training sessions. E.g. Monday+Thursday.

Day 1 will be your test day. We start with the two main leg exercises squats and hipthrusts. Squats work the front of your thighs, Hip Thrusts work the back of your thighs. We’ll forge your legs into a strong oak. Look into the progression system and find your current level.

Then we do pullups, our core back exercise. I can’t wait to see how strong you are here. Remember to keep your arms fully extended for each repetition. Olympia does not tolerate cheaters! Pushups are an optimal exercise for a plump chest, shoulders and triceps. Finish with the abdominal exercise leg lift.

On day 2 we get to the best bodyweight shoulder exercise, handstand pushups. Under great pressure your shoulder is scultped to boulder shoulders. Then again the incredible pullups. Bulgarian Split Squats are excellent for your athletic performance and a tight butt ­čśë Rounded off with squats on reps and leg raises on the bar.

Day one:

1. Squat progression: 3×8-12
2. Hip thrusts progression: 3×10-12
3. Pullups progression: 3×4-8
4. Pushups progression: 3×6-8
5. Leg raises: 3×6-12

Day two:

1. Handstand pushup progression: 3×6-8
2. Pullups progression: 3×4-8
3. Bulgarian split squats: 3×8-12
4. Squat: 3×20-40
5. Leg lift on the bar: 3×8-12