1) Push-ups

Push-ups are the standard bodyweight exercise for chest, front shoulders and triceps. Most people only know the regular push-ups. But we will build ourselfs up to the incredible one-arm push-ups that are guaranteed to impress the non-one-arm push-up-regulars at any party. To make it more difficult you can also use push-up grips.

1. Knee
2. Normal
3. Feet elevated
4. Archers
5. Assisted one arm pushups
6. One arm
7. One-armed feet elevated

Optional: Push-up grips/books, weight vest

2) Handstand push-ups

With handstand pushups, you’ll burn your shoulders faster than Achilles burned down Troy. They are incredibly intense and effective. Look at the calisthenics athletes. They all have big, round shoulder heads. But handstand push-ups are not easy. You have to work for it.

1. Pike push ups
2. Pike push ups with slightly elevated feet
3. Pike push ups with highly elevated feet
4. Handstand push ups
5. Handstand push ups with books
6. Handstand push ups with handles

Optional: Push up grips/books

3) Pull ups

Pullups are the best exercise for the back. They train the lat, giving you the V-shape we strive for. It makes you look better in a tshirt and shirtless. Watch out, you might need to buy some new clothes. They also train the biceps very well. I credit a lot of my biceps development to heavy back exercises. And people notice my biceps. We perform the pullup mainly in the underhand grip.

1. Pullup with band
2. Pullup regular underhand grip
3. Pullups regular over grip
4. Pullups side to side
5. Onearmed bar assisted
6. Onearmed towel assisted
7. Onearmed

Mandatory: Pull-up bar
Optional: Resistance bands, weights, dip belts

4) Squat

Squats are also called the queen of exercises. They are the best basic exercise for the legs. You train the thighs, lower back and core. With the squats we build a solid foundation. A pyramid should not stand on quicksand. Really challenging are the one-legged(pistol) squats that require a high degree of coordination.

1. Box squat
2. Regular squat
3. Pisto squat with support
4. Box Pistol squat
5. Pistol squat 
6. Weighted pistol squat

Optional: Sling Trainer, weights

5) Hip Thrusts

Many neglect the rear of the leg. A lot of soccer players have that problem Strong on squats, fail on hip thrusts. An athletic fighter needs a strong rear chain. It makes your body complete and powerful. It makes your stride more dynamic and your attack jumps more powerful.

1. Hip thrusts regular
2. Hip thrusts with elevated back
3. Hip thrusts with elevated back and feet
4. Single leg hip thrusts
5. Single leg hip thrusts with elevated back
6. Single leg hip thrusts with elevated back and feet

Optional: Weights

6) L-Sit

The L-Sit just looks cool. An ultimate exercise for the abdominal muscles. I can do two sets of 30 seconds, can you beat me? To make the L-Sit we first have to do exercises to prepare. For the L-Sit you use push-up grips or books.

1. L-Sit cross-legged
2. L-Sit with half extended legs
3. L-sit with legs fully extended

Mandatory: push-up grips/books/blocks