To train properly you need the right equipment. A Spartan soldier trained with wooden swords and wooden dolls. An Olympic long jumper with a sand pit. A javelin thrower with a javelin and weights. You don’t need to build an entire gym for a lot of money. Like a greek hoplite, there is some mandatory equipment and optional stuff.


For pressing exercises like push-ups, you can push your bodyweight away from the floor. For back exercises, you need to pull something. You’re bound to need equipment for that. It is not possible to train the whole body effectively without equipment. Period. The only thing mandatory in this program is a pull-up bar. You can get them here in the shop. Pull-ups are an incredibly good exercise for a broad and detailed back and big biceps. You can hang them in the door frame. You can also do abdominal exercises with it.


Push-up grips extend the movement at the bottom point, which increases the stretch in the chest. They also increase the intensity because of the way they are touched. You can also use books or bricks instead. You can get them here in the shop.

Sling trainers are an excellent addition. You can use it to train exercises for the rear shoulder like Y Flies and also the whole body. Assistance exercises for the entire body can be performed excellently with it. It’s available for 40 euros.

Resistance bands come in different strengths. Strong ones will help you with the pull-ups. You can wrap it around the bar and put your knee in at the other end. They simplify the exercises. Otherwise similar to Sling Trainer applicable.

Dumbbells and kettlebells are a good addition to the exercises. With them you can add more volume to the arms and shoulders.