Pull-up bar


Train your Adonis back on the same chin-up bar that I use in my workouts!

Color: Green Mamba ( green / black )
Dimensions: 100 x 27 x 3.5 cm;
Weight: 3.95 kilogram

Shipping time: 2-5 workdays

Shipping: included

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Do pull-ups easily from home – without drilling or screwing!

You don’t have to drill the rod. You can simplyhangit in the door frame. The handles are made of pleasant fabric. Just stash them back in the corner after your workout.

A pull-up bar is the most important piece of fitness equipment for home workouts. Only with it can you perform pull-ups and thus create a proper home back workout. I built my back up mostly with pull-ups. Exactly on this pull-up bar I offer here I also train my pull-ups.