Achilles program


The Achilles program for home training!

Goal: Adonis body
Type: Home Bodyweight Training
Training frequency: 2-4 times per week
Videos: All exercises on videos
Nutrition: Inclusive

Delievery time: Direct access after payment

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You can build an awesome body with bodyweight exercises. Many think that this is only possible with weights. But even with your own body weight you become an Adonis. The body does not know the difference between dumbbells and body weight. He only knows intensity. And by Zeus intensity we will give him.

With my specially developed progression system you will get stronger and stronger and therefore more muscular. As a natural athlete, there is a direct correlation between strength and muscle mass. The stronger you get the more muscle you will build. If you can do 5 of the amazing one-arm pushups you will look better than if you only do 5 normal ones. The progression system starts at a beginner level and ends at a professional level.