You don’t have to eat 100% perfect all the time. 80-90% will do the trick. What you always need to do 100% is keep the calorie deficit in the diet.

Hardly anyone manages 100% permanently. What’s the point if you start at 100% but slump after 1 week and let it slide completely? 80-90% is almost as good but sustainable in the long run. Your success will not be diminished by this. I do it that way myself.

By cheating I don’ mean just eating fast food and sweets and in large quantities. It means using what you feel like in smaller quantities in a more or less calculated way. Just 10-20%.


Example 1:

Let’s just say you love Snickers. You can’t imagine a day without Snickers. Then take a look at how many calories are in a snicker. One bar of Snickers has a whopping 242 calories. If you eat about 2000 calories per day, then this snicker would be within the 10-20% range. And then you just eat the remaining 1768 calories healthy. But how great is that, every day a Snicker and your coach still gives you the OK:) But it should stay with one, with several Snickers per day it no longer works.

Example 2:

Let’s take me. I love Kellogs Cereals, be it Smacks or Frosties. For breakfast I eat among other things. 150g wholemeal oatmeal. I make it then in such a way that I continue to eat 100g oat flakes, but in addition 50g Kellogs too. And still the healthy rest of the breakfast, fruit, berries, soy yogurt, egg…. These 50g Kellogs taste great and don’t hurt.


Everyone has his little sins, and you dont have to give them up. Just check how many calories these have and don’t overindulge. Build this in every day without a guilty conscience. Then dieting will be much easier for you!

Guiding principle: 80-90% is much easier to keep up than 100%!