3 day split kinds

You’re already in phase 3 by now, you should have become strong as a Calydonian boar. But we want more!

The handstand pushups will make your shoulders bigger under the Centurion armor. Pullups in the underhand grip and dips afterwards. Then the back and side shoulders rounded up by biceps curls. I can see your massive arms even from a distance.

Day 2 then legs again. Bulgarian Split Squats for strength, High Knees for endurance and Squat Jumps for explosive attack. Continue with calf raises, L-sit progressions, and the wipers.

Day 3 brings the pullup progression and pushup progression. How far are you from the onearmed one? Or can you already perform them great Theseus? Spider pushups and narrow grip pushups will slay your triceps like Theseus slayed the Minotaur. Then lateral raises and biceps curls.

Day one:

1. Handstand pushups progression: 3×4-8
2. Pullups underhand grip: 3×8-15
3. Dips: 3×8-10
4. Rear shoulder: 3×10
5. Lateral shoulder 2×10
6. Biceps curls: 3×10

Day two:

1. Bulgarian Split Squats: 3x-12
2. High knees: 30-60 sec
3. Squat jumps: 1×15-30
4. Calf raises: 3×15-25
5. L-Sit Progression: 3×5-30
6. Wiper: 1×10-15

Day Three:

1. Pullups progression: 3×4-6
2. Pushups progression: 3×4-6
3. Spider pushups: 2×8-12
4. Narrow grip pushups: 2×8-15
5. Lateral raises: 3×10
6. Biceps curls: 3×10