Upper body Lower body 2 day Split

Day 1 starts with pushup progression. Have you gotten to the onearmed ones yet? Pike pushups is an excellent exercise after that. In this phase we train the pullup especially in the overhand grip. You know rear shoulder training by now. Plus triceps and biceps for an arm strong like Thanos.

Day two starts off athletic right away. You practice these jumps to be explosive like a panther. After the Hip Thrusts and the Lunges definitely take a good breath, the Greek sun is hot in the lungs. Strengthen the core with leg raises and side plank rotation.

On day 3, you start your silver gorilla back. Then the pushup progression and the circle pushup from martial arts. Lateral raises are the icing on the shoulder before we get to the biceps with the tight pullups and then the dips as the final killer.

Day one:

1. Pushups progression: 3×6-10
2. Pike pushups: 3×8-12
3. Pullups upper grip: 3×6-10
4. Rear shoulders sling trainer Y: 2×10-12
5. Triceps variation: 2×10
6. Biceps curls: 3×10-12

Day two:

1. Knee up jumps: 3×8
2. Squat jumps: 3×8
3. Hip thrusts progression: 3×10
4. Lunges: 60-80
5. Leg raises on the bar: 2×10-12
6. Side plank rotation: 1×8-12

Day Three:

1. Pullups progression: 3×4-8
2. Pushups progression: 2×6-10
3. Circle pushups: 2×6-10
4. Lateral raises: 3×10
5. Tight pullups: 3×8-12
6. Dips: 3×8-12