Upper body Lower body 2 day Split

We have 3 training days available in the Centurion schedule. We use this for an upper body lower body upper body 2 day split. Upper body is performed twice to create the desired aesthetic. Training days example: Monday+Wednesday+Friday.

Day 1 gets intense right away. You start with pullups and then pushups in progression. Strong back, strong chest, strong arms. Narrow grip pullups form the biceps and the biceps curls then are the biceps crowning glory. The back shoulder exercise rounds out the look and ensures a manly upright posture.

Day 2 is leg day. Squat progression is supposed to be really heavy and the hamstring scale trains the posterior chain for balance. You think that was hard? The pushup sprints will get you ready and willing to fight. Calf raises shape the calves. The L-Sit may not look heavy, but give it a try…. Side plank rotation to finish.

Day 3 is upper body day again. Handstand pushups turn your shoulders into cannonballs. Pullups will make you wide and archer push-ups will plump your chest. Rear shoulder training brings the details. Biceps curls and dips again the complete rest for the arms. Go warriors!

Day one:

1. Pullups progression: 3×6-10
2. Pushups progression: 3×6-12
3. Pike pushups: 3×8-12
4. Tight pullups: 2×6-10
5. Biceps curls: 2×10
6. Rear delts: 3×8-12

Day two:

1. Squat progression: 3×6-10
2. Hamstring scale: 3×10-15
3. Pushup sprints: 3×30 sec 15 sec break
4. Calf raise: 3×10-20
5. L-Sit: 3×5-20
6. Side plank rotation: 1×10

Day Three:

1. Handstand pushups progression: 3×4-6
2. Pullups progression: 3×6-10
3. Archers pushups: 3×10
4. Bent over lateral raises: 3×10
5. Biceps curls: 3×10
6. Dips: 2×8