Breaking the barrier

How do you imagine an Adonis training? Slacking off? Dull? Relaxing? Of course not! An Adonis warrior would give every workout all his power. The sweat runs from the semi-divine face, the muscles tremble with exertion. He knows that only crossing the threshold will lead to improvement. That’s how we’ll train, too. The body only improves when he has to. He’s lazy. You have to force him.

Progresson & Intensity

You need high intensity to break the threshold If you can bench press 50kg without any problems, then you won’t build muscle from just 50kg bench press. But if you push your limits and bench press 60kg then you will build muscle. You have to push and exceed your limits. Just always use your last workout as a guide. Try to outdo yourself every time. This is also how the athletes of the ancient Olympic Games trained. The sprinters tried to run faster than last practice. The long jumpers to jump further. The weightlifters to lift more.

If an exercise like bench press is given 3*10, then only increase your weight once you’ve done 3*10. Try to outdo yourself every time, even if it’s just with more reps.

Irepeat: you have to step up! You have to train on the edge. There is no progress without high intensity.


Adonis not only has an athletic body, he also has excellent technique. A repetition of an exercise only counts if youperformedit with absolutely clean technique. This is healthier for our body and you do not cheat. Pay attention to your body during the exercises. What do you feel? Try to be “in” the muscles. Perform the exercises with perfect technique for long-term health and maximum effect.

Warming up

Warming up should get your body going, but not exhaust you too much. Go on the treadmill/crosstrainer etc for 5-10 min. If you are advanced, you can warm up with an easier variation before the exercises. If you’re doing 80kg bench presses, warm up with the bar first. Then a few reps with 50kg, with 70kg and then the first set of work with 80kg. Same with squats, etc.