Full body workout

Day one:

1. Inclined bench press barbell: 3*8
2. Flies: 3*12
3. Inclined bench press dumbbell: 3*10
4. Side lateral raises: 3*10
5. Shoulder press dumbbells sitting: 3*10
6. Triceps cable pull: 2-3*10

Day two:

1. Pull-ups underhand grip: 3*4-8
2. Barbell rowing OG: 3*8
3. Facepulls: 2*10
4. Bent forward seated lateral raise: 2*10
5. Barbell curls: 3*6
6. Hammer curls: 1*10

Day Three:

1. Deadlift: 3*6
2. Leg press: 3*10
3. Leg curls: 3*10
4. Skipping rope
5. Calf raise: 3*10-20
6. Abs


In phase 3 we do a 3 day split push pull legs. This means that we increase the volume per muscle per training session. Distribution e.g. on Monday+Wednesday+Friday.

Day 1

You pause on your chest for each repetition of the incline bench press. So don’t put it down on your chest, but hold the weight for a second while touching your t-shirt and then push it up again. Keep the shoulders in the correct position when you press up again. The pause intensifies the chest strain.

Then flies for the stretch.

And then comes the incline bench press with dumbbells. These 3 exercises are my favorite formulas for chest growth. Bigger chest guaranteed. As you increase your weight here, so does your chest.

It’s also possible to do side raises before shoulder presses, which is what we do at this stage. You do normal side raises 3*10.

Then dumbbell shoulder press in a sitting position. Go relatively low with your elbows.

Triceps on the cable pulley at the end.

Day 2

First, the most important back exercise, pull-ups. Do them in an underhand grip for 4-8 reps. If you can, use weight. Using 50% of your body weight as extra weight is a good target.

Barbell rowing in the overhand grip to bring in the horizontal pulling motion.

With facepulls we bring a little more expression into the upper back muscles.

Do the bent-over seated lift very slowly, completely without momentum. Use only 2 or 4kg.

Barbell curls 3*6, so heavy. Then another set of Hammer Curls for the finish.

Day 3

Deadlift 3*6 as the first and most important strength exercise.

Leg press to stimulate the quadriceps even more. After those two exercises, you’ll be pretty much done if you did them right.

Leg curls, because you can hardly train enough leg biceps.

Then jump rope. Yeah, jumping rope. A Greek hoplite is not only strong, but also agile.

Calf raises for the summer.

Intensive abdominal exercises to finish.