Full body workout

Day one:

1. Shoulder press: 5*5
2. Barbell rowing OG: 3*8
3. Dumbbell bench press: 3*6
4. Flies: 3*10
5. Pull-ups UG: 3*6
6. Side lateral raises: 2*10

Day two:

1. Vertical jumps: 4*4
2. Squat: 3*6
3. Bulgarian split squats: 3*8
4. Calf raises: 3*10-20
5. Abs

Day Three:

1. Pull-ups UG: 3*4-8
2. Inclined bench press barbell: 3*8
3. Barbell rowing UG: 3*10
4. Inclined bench press dumbbells: 3*10
5. Butterfly reverse: 3*10
S. Superset:
Dumbbell Curls: 2*10
Triceps cable pull: 2*10


One of the most popular 2-person splits besides the push pull is the upper body lower body split. We switch to an OK UK in Phase 2. The 3 training days you divide e.g. on Monday+Wednesday+Friday. There are always 2 upper body days and one lower body day:

Monday: Upper body 1

Wednesday: Lower body

Friday: Upper body 2

Lower body day is always the same, upper body day is different on Mondays than Fridays. We’re focusing on upper body because I know that’s more important to you.

Day 1

Since we use the entire upper body in one training session, we concentrate on basic exercises.

You start with shoulder presses in 5*5 for hero shoulders.

Then barbell rowing in the overhand grip for the gorilla back.

With dumbbell bench press in 3*6 we hit the chest. Really push yourself to your limits with the weight, this exercise is meant to kick ass.

With the flies you add a stretching stimulus for the chestafter the bench press.

Pull-ups in an underhand grip to create back width . If 3*6 is too light, add weight of course.

Side raises to finish off this shoulder-heavy upper body day.

Day 2

A Greek Warrior not only has bodybuilding strength, but real athleticism and explosiveness . To do this, you start with the Vertical Jumps, almost all my leg workouts start with such an exercise. You always jump as high as you can, find goals to reach. Build up the explosive attack power.

Then the squat 3*6. At first your legs will be a little wobbly from the jumps, but you’ll get used to it warrior.

Bulgarian Split Squats to hit the rear leg chain as well. Excellent for explosive power. For weight, take a barbell to your shoulders as you would for a squat.

Calf raise 10-20 reps depending on how you feel.

Finally, various intensive abdominal exercises, e.g. L-Sit.

Day 3

This upper body day is more balanced than the first or goes a little more on the pull muscles.

Pull-ups in underhand grip if you can with weight. If you can take 50% of your body weight as extra weight I am proud of you.

Incline bench press barbell in 3*8 for the chest. Repetitions deliberately and not too fast.

Barbell rowing in the underhand grip. Stretch the chest out tonot become crooked in the upper back.

Incline Bench Press Dumbbells 3*10. Yes I am a fan of incline bench press. Also preferred by many bodybuilders.

Butterfly reverse. Pull your shoulders back and down.

You do superset dumbbell curls and triceps cable pull. That means you do a set of curls and immediately after that triceps on the cable pull and only then rest.