2 day split push pull

Day one:

1. Squat: 3*6
2. Inclined bench press barbell: 5*5
3. Flies dumbbells: 3*12
4. Shoulder press barbell: 4* 6 8
5. Side lateral raises: 4*10
6. Triceps cable pull; 2-3*10

Day two:

1. Deadlift: 3*6
2. Pull-ups underhand grip with weight: 4 6 8
3. Barbell rowing over grip: 3*8
4. Bent forward lateral raise: 3*10
5. Dumbbell curls: 4*10


We do a 2 day split push pull on 3 training daysduring this phase , e.g. Monday+Wednesday+Friday.

Monday: Push
Wednesday: Pull
Friday: Push
Monday: Pull
Wednesday: Push
Friday: Pull

So you train the same muscle on average every 4.5 days.

Day 1

As in phase 1, we start with the squat, but this time 3*6. This allows you to increase the weight and thus your power even more. The legs will still grow.

Incline bench press barbell in 5*5 is one of my favorite chest exercises. 5*5 has the advantage that you have weight height and volume at the same time. If you go up 10kg here you will definitely have a bigger chest!

Flies with dumbbells in 3*12 is a super chest exercise after a press exercise. Here it does not depend on the weight! Take rather less weight and go deep into the stretch, feel your chest.

Shoulder press with the barbell in the descending pyramid. You are doing 4 reps in the first set. with the highest weight and then lower the weight for 6 and 8 reps. So we’ve staked out different areas of repetition.

Side lateral raises 4 sets to give you really awesome shoulders. Again, don’t take too much weight or it will be messy.

Finish with triceps on cable pulley. Extend your arms all the way!

Day 2

We start again with deadlifts, but again with fewer repetitions, with 3*5. Deadlifting makes you stronger than other people! One of the best exercises for a true warrior.

Pull-ups in an underhand grip with weight is my favorite back exercise. With weight, of course, only if you are already strong enough for it. You do it in the ascending pyramid, so each set reduce the weight. It is a misconception that the only way to make the back wide is with a wide grip. I almost only do a shoulder wide underhand grip and my back is massive.

With pull-ups and barbell rowing you have the most important exercises for the back. Only these exercises are enough for a killer back.

When doing a bent-over lateral raise, use a little less weight than in phase 1 and work extra slowly. Without momentum from the start position , this makes it harder and more targeted.

Finish with 4 sets of dumbbell curls. Pull your shoulders back.


Cross lifts and squats every 4-5 days can be a little too demanding. If you’re at low weights that won’t be a problem yet. But at some point, the regeneration might not be able to keep up. If you notice this, switch the two leg exercises once. You then do Vertical Jumps 4*4 instead of squats and Bulgarian Split Squats 3*8 instead of deadlifts. These exercises have a shorter recovery time. In the next training session you do squats and cross heels again.