Push Pull 2 day Split

In phase 3, we do a push pull 2 split. Legs are included on every training day, but the focus is on the upper body.

Day 1 starts with the squat progression. Please go ass to the grass. Pushups progression for chest plates and pike pushups for shoulder bombs. Lateral raises too, triceps and calf raises.

Day 2 5, you read that right, 5 sets of pullups progression. Rear shoulder to round out, then biceps curls after. Execute these with an Achilles primal scream! hamstring scale and then the leg raises.

Day 3 we go straight to the shoulders with handstand pushup progression. Then the circle pushups from karate and afther that Archer pushups max, holy Zeus. Lateral raises and dips and then explosive squat jumps and the calf raises.

Day 4 the Bulgarian Split Squats to crack walnuts. Pullups in the underhand grip for back and biceps. Then rear shoulder and biceps curls. Jumping lunges low and high! Torture yourself in the L-sit and finish with side plank rotation.

Day one:

1. Squat progression: 3×8-10
2. Pushup progression: 3×4-8
3. Pike pushups: 3×8-12
4. Lateral raises: 3×10
5. Triceps: 2×10
6. Calf raises: 3×10-20

Day two:

1. Pullups progression: 5×3-10
2. Rear shoulder: 3×10
3. Biceps curls: 3×8
4. Hamstring scale: 3×8-12
5. Leg raises on the bar: 3×8-15

Day Three:

1. Handstand pushup progression: 3×4-8
2. Circle pushups: 2x max
3. Archer pushups: 1x max
4. Lateral raises: 3×10
5. Dips: 2×6-10
6. Squat jumps: 3×8
7. Calf raises: 3×10-20

Day four:

1. Bulgarian Split Squats: 3×8-12
2. Pullups underhand grip: 3×8-15
3. Rear shoulder: 3×8-12
4. Biceps curls: 3×10-12
5. Jumping lunges: 1×20-40
6. L-Sit: 3×5-20
7. Side plank rotation: 1×10