Wave Split

This split is more upper body heavy than phase 1. It is meant to be a push upper body, pull upper body, legs, push pull upper body split. It’s getting intense.

Day 1 is push upper body. We start with pushup progression. Really give it your all! Then the spiderl pushups and all out pushups for the stretch burn effect. Lateral raises for the round shoulders and triceps for the absolute rest.

Day 2 is pull upper body. Pullups progression and then pullups in the underhand grip afterwards. Back and biceps should be empty at this point like a quiver of arrows after a battle. Rear shoulder to it and biceps curls for the peak.

On day 3, we get to the legs. Get your legs ready for the Achilles attack with the jumping variations. Explode on the jump like the hell hound.  Hip Thrusts progression strengthen the posterior chain, Lunges speed and endurance. In addition, leg raises and side plank rotation.

Day 4 is upper body. Handstand pushup progression first, then the pullups in the underhand grip. Dips, rear shoulder, side shoulder and there should be nothing left in the tank of your shoulders. Biceps curls to finish.

Day one:

1. Pushup progression: 3×6-10
2. Spider pushups: 3×8-12
3. Pushups regular: 1x max
4. Lateral raises: 4×10
5. Triceps: 3×10

Day two:

1. Pullups progression: 3×4-8
2. Pullups underhand grip: 3x Max
3. Rear shoulder: 3×8-12
4. Biceps curls: 3×8-12

Day Three:

1. Knee up jumps: 3×8
2. Squat jumps: 3×8
3. Hip thrusts progression: 3×10
4. Lunges: 60-100
5. Leg raises on the bar: 2×10-12
6. Side plank rotation: 1×8-12

Day four:

1. Handstand pushup progression: 3×4-8
2. Pullups underhand grip: 3×8-15
3. Dips: 3×8-10
4. Rear shoulder: 3×10
5. Lateral shoulder: 2×10
6. Biceps curls: 3×10