Upper body Lower body 2 day Split

The Achilles attack is a powerful attack on your muscles. We forge them into mountains of muscle in the fire of Achilles. Each phase has a different split. In the first one it’s an upper body lower body 2 day split. Two upper body days, two lower body days for full attack power. Training day example: Monday+Tuesday+Thursday+Friday.

Day 1 is the upper body. Get right into it with the best back exercise, pullups. Then the pushup progression. When are you going to demonstrate a onearme pushup? The pike pushups turn your shoulders into tanks and the narrow grip pullups steel your biceps. Plus bicep curls and rear shoulders.

Day 2 is the first leg day. Start with the intense squat progression. Then for the rear chain the hamstring balance. The pushup sprints prepare you for an endurance battle. Calf raises for aesthetics, L-sit for coolness and core, side plank rotation to round out.

Day 3 is upper body again. We want even bigger shoulders, so we start with the handstand progression. Then for a scary back the pullups progression. The archers pushups of Legolas and the rear shoulder. Give your arms the rest with biceps curls and dips.

Day 4 is going to be athletic. You start with different jumps, give 110%! The Bulgarian Split Squats and calf raises for strength. Leg push and wiper for the abs.

Day one:

1. Pullups progression: 3×6-10
2. Pushup progression: 3×6-12
3. Pike pushups: 3×8-12
4. Narrow grip pullups: 2×6-10
5. Biceps curls: 2×10
6. Rear delts: 3×8-12

Day two:

1. Squat progression: 3×6-10
2. Hamstring scale: 3×10-15
3. Pushup sprints: 3×30 sec 15 sec break
4. Calf raise: 3×10-20
5. L-Sit: 3×5-20
6. Side plank rotation: 1×10

Day Three:

1. Handstand pushups progression: 3×4-6
2. Pullups progression: 3×6-10
3. Archers pushups: 3×10
4. Rear shoulders: 3×10
5. Biceps curls: 3×10
6. Dips: 2×8

Day four:

1. Knee high jumps: 5×8
2. Squat jumps: 5×8-12
3. Bulgarian split squats: 3×8-12
4. Calf raise: 3×15-30
5. Leg push: 3×10-20
6. Wiper: 2×8-12